Styling your wedding breakfast with personality!

So next up in our A to Z of wedding styling is the wedding Breakfast, no not what to have on the morning of your wedding. As important as this is though, as a Manchester wedding stylist I will be discussing styling your wedding breakfast, and how to add your personality into your wedding breakfast styling. 


So as a Manchester wedding stylist it is a bugbear of mine that couples get sucked into the belief that bigger is better with your wedding centerpiece. Now, don't get me wrong there is times that a tall show stopping centrepiece works but it really is not a must. For me it is all in the detail, focusing on each table setting so it feels personal for every guest has much more of an impact and will have your guest talking and remembering your day for years to come because you made them feel something. 



So, in this blog we are going to discuss how to personalise each table setting at your wedding breakfast whatever your budget. Wedding styling at it's best for me is about making the guest feel certain emotions. So below are my 4 top tips for adding personality to your wedding breakfast.


Tip one: Table Plan 


I always say to my couples that the part you can get most creative with and really show your personality is the table plan. As a wedding stylist it is always the part I enjoy the most when I am allowed to get creative and design a bespoke piece. This year and next a have seen a big wedding trend with acrylic table plans and signage. So much so I have invested in making them, this way I can make sure my couples are getting the quality and design the want. Send me a message if your are looking for some bespoke acrylic signage!


You can then follow on this 2018 wedding trend with signage throughout your reception room, from table numbers, order of the day, cake and bar signage, the possibilities are endless. If you are going for that personal touch though acrylic table settings for each guest are the perfect touch. They also double up as a favour, so worth that little extra cost over card settings. I love these geometric signs form signed with love. 




Tip two: favours 


So as already mentioned I am a big fan of doubling up your place name with favours. Getting creative and either personalising your favours or coming up with lovely signage that your guests will want to display at home. If you do not want to go down this route, or maybe you are not having a seating plan then you can add personality to your favours by you or a family member making them, this doesn't mean they have to look cheap and tacky. There are so many great videos and how to blogs out there you can make professional looking items yourself. 





Tip three: Menu


Again the menu is a chance to get creative, a simple but effective way is to choose fun or meaningful names for each dish. this will get your guest guessing and chatting right from the start, creating a fun atmosphere. Thinking about ways to showcase your menu, will each guest have their own menu card, can you have one for the whole table on a wood slice or acrylic board?  maybe even a fun little game to play to find out the dish? 


Another wedding trend that seems here to stay is food trucks, these are a great option for a more relaxed wedding setting or a festival style in or outdoors. Each truck can have its own styled area for for guests to enjoy their food, or you can still go with the formal sit down setting if you wish just provide a menu for each truck at the tables.  


How cute are these menu bags extra special touch



Tip four: Tablescape 


I always tell my couples to think about each table setting on its own. The best way to add personality and make an impact on your guest is with a table setting that feels personal to them. Sitting down to a charger plate, a lovely napkin and personaled favour adds a luxurious feel for your guests. If you don't have the room in your budget for this for every table then consider it for the top table, make them feel like VIP's. 



Tip five: centrepieces 


So for the centrepieces, for me a love a minimalist feel for tables. A tablecloth to add texture and luxury, floral or greenery with tall candles for that added romance, then some well thought out key pieces to add personality or show your style. Think about things that make you special as couple, things that make you both smile or bring a special memory to mind. You can then try to think about ways to add this into your table styling, From wood and florals as you love the outdoors from small spray painted animals because he thought a great first date was the farm! Whatever it may be there are ways to add these key moments and items in to your wedding and with the right styling it will flow lovely and look modern and stylish. 




I hope you found this blog helpful and if you need any more help feel free to send me an email at, or to never miss a blog post sign up here!


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