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Sometimes we all take for granted what we know, I am guilty of this lately. I forget sometimes that this wedding thing is new to most couples, I know the process, I know what is happening and what is coming next. I have to remember this isn't the case for my couples. 


I am Zoey, a Manchester wedding stylist and this is my blog that will hopefully inspire and encourage you along your wedding planning journey. In this week's blog I have decided to share my design process with you all in the hope it helps you either with designing your own wedding, or if you are or thinking about being one of my design coupes you will know a little more of what to expect. 


So I don't like to show the behind the scenes of my couples wedding as that just wouldn't be fair. I have decided to show how I designed a executed my last shoot. I chose this one as Fiona came to me with a clear vision and was a little nervous in trusting someone with the design and style of the day. As I normally do my own shoots the first steps of the design are a little different from a wedding but with this one it was very similar. A creative client that has a clear idea, style or theme but just needs help pulling it all together, this sums up a lot of my couples. 




Fiona wanted to create a snowy winter's day wedding, she really wanted snow and after last year I did get super excited and thought this was going to happen! We didn't, but the day was just as beautiful without it. I took a lot of inspiration from the the dress, pictured above. I felt the dress had a princess feel but elegant, detailed and stylish. I loved the layering of the tulle that created a floaty romantic feel. 


I wanted to create a snowy feel throughout without it being tacky. I also like to think about atmosphere and guest experience within a design, this was a shoot but to give a wedding day feel this has to be factored in also. So I thought about how do you feel on the perfect snowy day? For me, sitting in a warm cozy house, the heat on your face from the amber glowing fire as you sit and watch the snow flakes slowly float down. They never really fall do they it is such a flowing, elegant descend down for them. 



I then have to go see the venue if I haven't already, to be fair I usually will go again as I see it in a different light with a new vision in my head. Well, going with Fiona and to see this venue was a real treat. I felt like a kid in a candy shop, every time I turned around a new corner I fell in love even more. I really did fall hard for this venue, I texted my fiance (7 years now, we will get there one day) and said I have found our wedding venue! Lucky for me Caroline was there to snap some shots as the design went out of my head and all I could think about was my wedding, I haven't given this a thought in a long time I might add. 



Then the next stage is research, I look for fabrics, textures, floral and art work that sparks my imagine and gives me the the feeling I want to create. I then bundle all my crazy brain noise into a design book, breaking it up into key feature areas and breaking down the design for each. 


We had few areas to consider with this shoot, it did feel more like a wedding with the amount of set ups and feature areas to be considered. 


Normally once the plan is done and during I research suppliers that we will need to bring the vision to life. I would also do this with one of my shoots but as most suppliers were decide it was about creating a plan for them and for me to incorporate their items within the style. A lot of couples have already book some of their own suppliers, buy or make items so this is something I do for weddings also. 



Then the super organised side of me comes out, joke I have to drag that out. I can be organised but it does not come naturally. I get ordering everything, samples first if needed. I make anything that needs making, pretty much a busy bee in the background. 


Then comes the list making, anyone else love a good list? For couples they receive a styling schedule, what I am bringing, who is coming when and a brief timing of the day form me and the creative suppliers. 


Then the magic happens, the big day! I think I feel all the same emotions on a shoot as a wedding day, nervous, excitement and a mixture relief and grief when it is all over. Here are some sneak peek images from the shoot day, next week I will share the gallery so make sure you check in then!





All Photos Caroline Goosey and video 




Go check out the amazing supplier involved in this shoot!













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