Styling your wedding aisle

As one of the most important walks you will ever take you need to make sure it is a super stylish one!


I am a Manchester based wedding stylist and in this blog we are going to discuss all things wedding aisle styling. This is the first in my a-z wedding styling guide and I hope you find it useful on your wedding planning journey. 



So let's get to the nitty gritty, you have spent hours searching through pinterest and google looking at the newest wedding aisle trends. You may know what you want or have hundreds of ideas and love them all. So let's break down all the key elements you need to think about and hopefully this will help you get a clearer picture of your wedding aisle styling. 


As a Manchester wedding stylist, the first thing I get my couples to consider is their venue. If your ceremony is in a church then this limits your options, which may for some be a good thing, it relieves some of the stress and keeps it simple with only a few keys decor choices. The real fun for me is an blank canvas space where we can work together to design the ultimate wedding aisle to walk down. 


So the next thing to consider is your chairs, do you need to hire some? If you are lucky and your venue already have uber stylish chairs then that takes away one task. If not, then you need to decide between cover or replacing the venues chairs, if standard conference chairs I always recommend hiring in over chair covers.  We have so much choice when it comes to chair enhancements for your wedding, which is amazing but can be overwhelming also. Below are a few of my favourite aisle chair choices to give you inspiration.



Once your chairs are decided you can now start to think about whether you need an aisle runner or not. Again, your choices are endless from a simple traditional carpet runner through to a real grass runner.  You need to consider the size of your venue and how much room you have after the chairs have been placed. Also, think about the the venue's characteristics and what style of runner will suit. 


If you choose to have or not have a runner then you also need to decide what if any decor or flowers you might add. Clear vases with floating candles is a hot 2018 wedding trend at the moment and is a great way to add some romance to your wedding aisle. 



The thing that excites me the most when styling a ceremony is the arch. I love the chance to design and make a bespoke arch or backdrop for my couples. Framing the time you say 'i do' only adds to the beauty of the moment. Circles and hoops are a huge 2018 wedding trend but if like me, you prefer to create your own trends then a hexagon, triangle or any other idea you can think up make the perfect ceremony backdrop.  



Depending on your venue, lighting may be a huge factor to your asile styling or you may just use it to add a special touch or create an atmosphere. If ike most of my couples you have chosen a industrial setting or a large blank space then lighting is a must. In a large warehouse lighting pillars with fairy lights or installing edison bulb runner installation creates an aisle in a large space.  This can then be all you need for your asile styling. 



I hope this blog has given you some asile styling ideas. To keep up to date and receive our weekly blog in your mailbox and get all our offers first sign up to our newsletter here! 




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